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Pool Saftey At Senior Living Facilities

Pool Saftey At Senior Living Facilities

When it comes to moving into a senior living facility it is very beneficial to join in activities that help promote a healthier happier lifestyle. That being said, the level of physical activity one can do greatly depends on a lot of health factors that come into play during the aging process. While exercise and physical activity are good for you, they can also be rough on your body & joints. Water aerobics or water workouts are both a great way to get in good exercise while also taking pressure off your joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. In fact, water aerobics isn’t just great for seniors but for athletes and any active person that needs a little less compacting & force put on their body & muscles. It also helps to build strength and resistance while helping improve balance. Looking into whether the senior facility you are considering has a pool & safe pool area could be a great way to ensure safe physical activity for your loved one. 

Pool Safety & Senior Living Facilities

Look At The Pool Deck – First and foremost when inspecting a facilities pool area you should always first scrutinize the pool deck area. Does the deck look like it is in need of pool deck repair? Are there any issues with the sealant and surface that may cause it to be slippery or a potential hazard when going in and coming out of the pool?

Pool/Pool Surface – Next you will want to take a look at the actual surface of the bottom of the pool. Is it in good condition? Are there adequate areas to hold on to for support as well as safe stairs to enter and ex